The word ‘Homoeopathy’ is Latin, which means similar suffering. (Homoeo = similar and pathy = suffering). A German allopathic doctor named Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) verified the above principle convincingly while investigating into the reason for the cure of malaria by cinchona. He subsequently continued research with the verification of results on similar experiments made and founded a new system of medicine, to which he gave the name as “Homoeopathy”

Homeopathy treatment, nowadays, is widely commended and is a fast-growing system of medicine that enhances the natural capacity of the body to overcome diseases by means of natural remedies.  Homeopathy is the youngest system of medicine. It is the most scientific, effective, safe and simple system of medicine. This system of medicine is highly useful for a healthy pregnancy and also helps with various fertility issues. Homeopathy makes prescriptions for the cases of low sperm count, hormonal imbalance or miscarriage. It facilitates a natural route to conception by recuperating overall health and erasing the underlying causes of infertility.

Homeopathy considers all the signs and symptoms of the disease (infertility) and of the patient. All diseases produce some symptoms which are common to that particular disease. These symptoms are entirely different from one patient to another depending upon their emotions, likes, dislikes, food habits, sexual sphere, sleep, past history of the disease, sleep dreams, family history of any particular disease, and etc. So the medicines prescribed for two patients suffering from the same disease will never be the same. To know the person is very important in the selection of medicine in homeopathy. Thus, the data gives a complete picture of the patient and thereby it is possible to diagnose the patient easily and give prescriptions that have the capability of curing infertility. Accompanied complaints that may occur during the pregnancy like morning sickness, heartburn, hemorrhoids, backache, birth anxiety, etc. can also be cured with homeopathy. The specific medicines for related disorders have acknowledged the treatment to be highly worthwhile.

Homeopathy is very helpful in common day to day ailments; even for acute diseases, homeopathy serves instant cure and in the case of chronic diseases, it involves meticulous self-observation and the will power to stick to a plan of action. Homeopathy is a safe, simple, scientific, economic and effective medicine for all ages.  Homeopathy has a wide range of unique medicines that helps with the problems of infertility. Medicines are prepared from the vegetable kingdom, animal kingdom, minerals, and nosodes that enhance the medicinal property without any side effects. These medicines are prepared with the utmost care that the material quantity decreases and the quality of medicine increases.

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