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Hello, My name is Sidhique

For a long time We (Me & My Wife) had tried to realize our great dream of having a child in several in fertilization centres across Kerala, but without success. While searching on internet I had accidentally came across through CARE WELL HOMOEOPATHIC FERTILITY Clinic’s website and I wrote Dr. Dileepkumar instantly.

Dr. DIleepkumar welcomed us, and from the first moment, we felt from the interest that he showed that he understood us. Dr. D K made us feel that the pregnancy would be soon possible - even at our that age and stage; (I’ was at 44, with a low sperm count of 6 -10 million, 50-60% non motile, only 2-5% good forward, She, at 37 with Poly Cystic Ovarian (PCOD)) Even though We could not immediately believe it, .but after so many failed attempts, hopes and distresses, we were left with nothing to lose. So we decided to try and took his medicines.

With in 3 months of taking medicines, my Sperm count were 86 Millions, and in 6 months of treatment, she was finally conceived!!!

During the pregnancy, we even feared that something could go wrong, .However; Dr. Dileepkumar who followed us throughout the pregnancy was always there for us, ready to answer our slightest doubts and to calm all our fears. Thank God, everything was fine, there were no complications and we were blessed with our little boy... born perfectly healthy (On Wednesday 11th July 2012).

The feeling of holding your own child in your arms is indescribable. There are no words to describe the absolute happiness that we were feeling then. We would like to advise all couples who have not yet managed to realize their own dream of having a child not to lose hope. I recommend, without any reservations, from a personal point of view, that they contact Dr. DILEEP KUMAR in CARE WELL HOMOEOPATHIC FERTILITY CLINIC.”



MOB: 94 00 6666 29

Sidhique M
18/306, Mulanthala House, Alathiyoor Post, Tirur - 676102, Malappuram Dist. Kerala
Tel : 494-25 666 29
Mob : 94 00 6666 29
I am Benny, working in Sharjha,Uae, On 12th Feb'12 we were blessed with baby girl after 5 years of our marraige, before consulting with Dr.Dileep ,we had consulted with other Alopathic clinic unfortunatley there was no good result,I had a problem of semen low count,but after consulting with Dr.Dileep, had medicine around 1 year,my wife become pregnant.

We really thankfull to Dr.Dileep.This treatment also not much expesnive

Thanks a lot Dr.Dileep

Best Regards



All the very best for Carewell Homoepoathic
I am Sujindran Nair working in Bangalore. After my marriage we have undergone treatment for infertility under various celebrated hospitals/doctors and by the grace of God after our ‘05’ years of treatment we have reached to Dr. Dileepkumar @Carewell Homeopathic (Near Mannuthy Agricultural University) through one of our relative.

Dileep kumar Sir advise us personally that “you just take some Homeopathic medicines I prescribe”. We simply followed his advice and started his treatment without any expectation due to past know-how. We are also keep in touch with him before finishing our course of medicine and we posted him the reports which we getting from the testing’s.

But we understand after 6 months that this treatment is getting more and more effectual than previous and beyond belief that my wife became pregnant sharp after ‘16’ months of his medication. Now my son is only ‘64’ days old and we are so happy but can’t express our feelings.

Thanks a lot to Dr. DILEEPKUMAR. May God bless him more to help other people also who are under treatments for getting a baby.

Sujindran Nair
2nd Cross, Thirupathy Valley Housing Society, Hosur, Bangalore
Thanks god , Dr. Dileepkumar & Homeopathy
Iam Girish working abroad and my wife is a teacher.We are very happy to inform that after 6 years of married life we are blessed with a daughter on 30-7 2011. We had some problems I had low sperm motility and my wife had PCOD.We undergone Allopathy and Ayurvedic treatment but the result was always negative.We went to one of the famous infertility hospital at kodungaloor.The doctor said we have no problems and suggested ICSI. We can\'t digeste that attitude of doctor. So we returned at the same moment.We heard about this clinic and Dr.Dileep Kumar from several people finally we reached this clinic last year 2010 August within 3 Months treatment my wife became pregnant. Now we are very happy.Thanks god and Dr. Dileep Kumar once again

Girish K V
Kolakkattil House
Anchery (P O)
Homeo for Infertility
I am Kamalakaran K, Office Assistant cum Programmer, Accounts Section , Kerala Forest Research Institute and my phone No. is 9446292005. My wife is a teacher in SSA, Thrissur.

I am very happy to inform that after 5 years gap now we have a female baby and I can strongly say that it was a victory of Homeo-treatment. Because my marriage was on 2007 Jan 28th. After 4 years we have no children because I had some problems in infertility (low sperm count) and my wife was also suffering from PCOD(cyst) complaint. First we had approaches a famous Gynaecologist in pookunnam,Thrissur and take treatment of allopathic medicine upto 3 years. But we could not get any positive result from that treatment. Meanwhile somebody (Mr. CR Das Mannuthy, Mr. CJ John Technical officer-Engineer KFRI, One teacher working with my wife etc ) advise me to consult the Homeo Doctor at Thottapadi, Mannuthy. But I have no interest in the homeo treatment. But finally after some month we approaches the Homeopathy Doctor Mr Dileepkumar, at Thottapadi Bus stop in Thrissur-Palakkad root, and take treatment under him. Within 4 month saw the immediate effect of the homeopathic treatment for infertility and my wife became pregnant and we blessed with a female baby on 26-04-2011. Now we are very happy with Homeo-treatment. And we are now very thankful to God and Dr.Dileepkumar and Homeopathy.

Kamalakaran K.

Office Asst,

KFRI, Peechi


Ph: 9446292005

Kamalakaran K
Kamalakaran K.
Office Asst cum Programmer,
KFRI, Peechi
Ph: 9446292005

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