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we can normalize the testosterone production with homeopathic medicines

Sperm are produced in the male testicle (testis). The testis is filled with tiny coiled tubes (seminiferous tubules) through which sperm move as they are produced. Each seminiferous tubule is lined with sperm Sertoli cells and sperm stem cells (Spermatagonia). Outside the tube and between the tubes lie testosterone-producing cells (Leydig cells), whose product is essential to regulating sperm production. Hormones produced by the Leydig cell stimulate sperm production indirectly, by acting on the Sertoli cells which in turn regulate the sperm cells. From start to finish, it takes approximately 70 days to make sperm, and sperm in various stages of development can be found throughout the testis. So testosterone is essential for the sperm production, with homeopathic medicines we can normalize the testosterone productionCCF10032015_00000 CCF10032015_00001