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Thanks to almighty god for his blessings through Dr. Dileepkumar & Homeopathy
On 16/12/2010 we were blessed with a baby boy after 6 yrs of our married life. During this period we undergone several treatments in Ayurvedic & Allopathic and spent lots of money, especially for the treatment in a well known fertility center in central kerala. The treatment was unsuccessful and we were very much desperate and lost all our hope to have a baby. However it was God's decision that we should have a baby naturally through homeopathic treatment. In 2009 we came to know through internet about Dr. dileepkumar's homeopathic clinic. We consulted Dr. dileep Kumar and started medicine in Oct-09 and conceived after taking 6-7 months medicine (Oct-09 till April-10).

We hope that our message will inspire / help lots of infertile couples to have babies through carewell homeopathic clinic.

Thanks to Homeopathy & Dr. dileep kumar once again, with our prayers.

Mrs. & Mr. Smisha sebi
Homeopathy speed and safe treatment for fertility
27th September 2010

I am Mathew, aged 39, working as an Accountant in a private company at Kottayam. My wife Julie aged 31. We are residing at Thottakkad, Kottayam. Our marriage was on 2003 August. My wife had a problem of irregular periods as well as high pain during periods. We approached a Gynecologist and found a cyst in ovary. (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease ( PCOD) In the beginning of 2005 we removed the cyst, but the problem was remained. Then we consult many Allopathic and Ayurvedic doctors. But the result was not satisfactory.

In June 2009 we consult Dr.Dileep Kumar, Carewell Homeopathic clinic, Thrissur.We handed over all previous records to him and started the course of medicine. We get result with four courses (i.e., June to September) and the cost is cheaper than all other treatments.

In October 2009 Julie become pregnant and June 2010 we got a female child. Now we are very happy and are thankful to God and Dr. Dileep Kumar.

Thomas.C.Mathew&Julie Mathew
Pallikunnel House
Thottakkad P.O
Ph: 0481 2556116
Mob: 9495235376
After our marriage we have underwent allopathic treatment for infertility for 3 years,and spend a lot of money . At that time we know about carewell homoeopathic fertility clinic , We had taken homeo medicines for for 4 months and now we have a healthy male baby

thank u dr dileep


THRISSUR, 9895124251

Homeopathy Low cost, ,and Succseesfull Treatment
We mrs&mr jose ,one years after our married life, there is no signs of pregnancy. so we consulted infertility specialists.

. Doctors told me that my sperm count and motility is low, and my wife having polycystic ovary .we had taken a lot of allopathic medicine without no improvement and spend about, 90,000 rupees, after that we had taken ayurvadic medicines but the coast of medicine is about 3000 rupees for 20days,we can not afford it . so we stopped the treatment for 1 year . At that time my brother in low told me about dr dileep kumar we consulted him and taken homeo medicine. With in 4 months my wife conceived. Now we are having a health male child (5 yrs after our married life). Definitely it is a Low cost,

Treatment,, no side effect

thank u dr dileep



Great work done by Dr. Dileep and homoeopathy
our marriage was on 1986. For the past 21yrs we underwent a lot of treatment under different systems of medicines at last they advised icsi. At that time we hear about dr kbdileepkumars, carewellhomoeopathic fertility clinic. we went there, and taken medicines for 6 months.on22.4.2008, we blessed with a female baby, after 22 yrs of married life.

Ph: O487--2605214

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